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Baker's Cystectomy (Popliteal cystectomy) / Operation using endoscope without incision

Baker’s Cystectomy (Popliteal cystectomy) / Operation using endoscope without incision 2017-11-16T22:13:33+00:00

Project Description

Baker’s Cystectomy (Popliteal cystectomy) /
Operation using endoscope without incision

1. Description
Popliteal cyst is a joint disease, such as medial meniscus tear or cartilage damage, which cause effusion and swelling in the knee joint, resulting in the joint fluid leaking into the posterior of the joint and a rounded lump on the medial side of the knee. And when you bend your knees, it causes pressure and pain, and when you stand, it is hardly touching the hump.

MRI images of Popliteal cyst with medial meniscus tear.

2. Diagnosis
Diagnosis can be made by a visual examination of the posterior of the knee by doctor, ultrasonography and MRI. Among them, MRI examination is useful for treating intraarticular injuries for reducing recurrence rate.

3. Treatment
It was performed making an incision in posterior knee joint for popliteal cystectomy before, however it caused high reccurrence rate because of not treating intraarticular injuries and had a scar problem. So nowadays surgery of popliteal cystectomy and treating intraarticular injuries are performed with only endoscope. This method utility is already proved by domestic and international research.Journal of the Korean Association of Arthroscopy, 9th edition, 2nd issue 232-373 pages. Arthroscopic picture of the process of removal of the knee cyst. Ilsan Paik Hospital of Inje University, Popliteal Cystectomy with Posterior-Medial Approach using Endoscope : Orthopedic Surgery Jo Jin-Ho, Kim Dong-Hwan, Radiology Kim Yong-Hoon.

4. Advantages
Not making an incision in posterior knee joint, it has effectiveness of beauty because of no scar and complication rate is decreased. Due to diagnose and treat of intraarticular injuries reccurrence rate is also decreased. And postoperative rehabilitaion period can be shortened, so return to daily life is fast.

After Cystectomy with incision

After Cystectomy without Incision


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