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Project Description

Specialized Centers

Joint Replacement Surgery Center

Joints can be damaged by arthritis and other diseases, injuries, or other causes. Joint replacement surgery is removing a damaged joint and putting in a new one. Joint replacement surgery is done for hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankle. Surgery can also make to replace existing old artificial joints.
Joint replacement surgeries at Ilsan Paik Hospital are done through smaller incisions. This is called minimally invasive surgery(MIS.) Its benefits are less blood loss and a smaller scar and smaller pain. As MIS-TKA is complex and difficult surgery it requires special equipment and exper surgeons who are well experienced with the surgery.
Minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty
It is an operation that removes deformed joints and replaces original joints to special synthetic metal and special plastics when there is pain, movement disorder, deformity and gait due to trauma, such as degenerative or rheumatoid arthritis of the knee joint.

Vision 21 Cardiovascular Center

Specialized medical staffs including medical specialists, specialized (dedicated) nurses, medical technicians who are capable of providing emergency treatment for cardiovascular diseases are working full time at the cardiovascular center, and the infrastructure of the hospital including the facilities, manpower and equipment including 64 channel MDCT and 320 channel MSCT that have been introduced to Korea for the first time are the best in Korea. In particular, there is systematic preparation for the patients needing surgery to undergo surgery in shortest possible time through the cooperative treatment system closely associated with other medical departments including thoracic surgery department. It is equipped with a system that allows inerventive sugery on cardiovascular system at any time throughout the day. As such, the Vision 21 cardiovascular center performed 800 intervention surgery on percutaneous coronary arter and 1,100 stent implantations in 2010, and the hospital acquired certification for cardiovascular intervention surgery.

Indang Cancer Center

ndang cancer center, which was established and opened in 2012 with focus on elevating the quality of life and assisting cancer patients to return to the society, offers comprehensive and specialized treatment and convenience to the cancer patients by providing differentiated intergrated treatment including medical consultation on mental health, rehabilitation treatment and nutritional consultation for holistic treatment of cancer patient by equipping itself with systematic medical care system and specialized medical care personnel for cancer of various medical departments. There are more than 50 specialists in the area of medical care for cancer at total of 9 centers including thyroid clinic, liver, biliary tract and pancreatic cancer center, breast cacncer center, stomach and colorectal cancer center, lung cancer center, spinal cord tumor center, hematological cancer clinic and rehabilitation clinic for cancer patient.
The Indang cancer center with above composition is providing extensive range of medical care services from diagnosis to treatment by the medical staffs of various departments by introducing multi-disciplinary cooperative medical care system.

Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Center

This center provides management for newborn babies with very low body weight of less than 1,500g and birth-giving mother with serious problems, and is accommodating patients not only from northwestern regions of Gyeonggi-do but also patients from northern regions of Seoul. In particular, through designation of the center as the intensive treatment center for newborn babies in 2010, thereby securing hospital beds for intensive treatment of newborn babies, which was insufficient in the regions, and is providing the best medical care services by equipping itself with wide range of equipment including the latest artificial respirator, intensive incubator for newborn babies, ultrasonography and sorting device for hearing, etc.

Emergency Medical Center Shock Trauma Center

The emergency medical center of the Ilsan Paik Hospital takes care of more than 60,000 emergency ward patients by maintaining emergency treatment system throughout the day and night by 5 specialists. In particular, more than 40% of the hospitalized patients have gone through the emergency ward. Accordingly, the center is putting utmost efforts in immediate treatment of the patients including specialized treatment of external injuries on patients with severe multiple external injuries and specialize cardiac resuscitation on emergency cardiovascular disease as well as all emergency situations. In addition, it is designated as the specialize center for trauma injuries and is providing high quality emergency medical care services and surgical procedures for trauma patients throughout the day and night for the northern region of Gyeonggi-do residents (Goyang, Paju, Gimpo and Ganghwa).

Radiosurgery Center

Having adopted ‘Novalis’ radiation surgery equipment and navigator system for the first time in Asia in 2000, the center has achieved accumulated number of 1,000 cases of surgical procedures for the first time in Asia in February 2008. Novalis is known to be one of the3 foremost radiation surgery equipment along with gamma knife and cyber knife, and we are performing bloodless radiation surgery for various neurologic diseases including brain tumor and cerebrovascular diseases, and spinal tumors. In addition, the center is taking initiatives in opening the new era of bloodlessradiation surgery by expanding the scope of its application to the surgery of other parts of the body.

Diabetes & Endocrinology Center

The diabetes and endocrinology center aims to prevent and manage complications, improve the quality of life diabetics and maintain a purpose of a healthy life through early diagnosis of diabetes and complications and personalized treatment according to individual characteristics.
The thyroid clinic in the endocrine center is equipped with a one-stop system for the diagnosis of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer, which is currently on the rise, with a visit to the thyroid nodule, ultrasonography and micro needle aspiration cytology There is.
In addition, if surgery is necessary, maintain an organic cooperation system so that the operation can be performed quickly and safely.

Sports Medical Center

Unlike past treatments, which focus on acute phase pain management only after surgery, Ilsan Paik Hospital Sports Health Medical Center, along with professors of orthopedics and rehabilitation medicine, which has the highest authority in Korea, Treatment and rehabilitation are available in one place. Through non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment from degenerative diseases such as shoulder joint, spine, knee joint, ankle joints to injured patients, systematic customized rehabilitation exercise program is applied to improve patient’s satisfaction by promoting return to daily life . The Ilsan Paik Hospital Sports Health Medical Center will provide a healthy lifestyle for patients. It will help you to improve your health by providing a program that can get good treatment outcomes through customized exercise therapy even in obese or metabolic patients. It will provide the latest sports medicine services.


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